It’s not exactly the happiest of times, is it? Wedding venues are empty and wedding bells are mute. Chances are you’re probably stuck at home, lazing around, and awaiting the day your wedding can finally get back on track.

We feel your pain. 2020 hasn’t been the best of years-thus far-has it? This isn’t the first time a pandemic struck the world with a low blow, but we still persevered, didn’t we? We pulled through back then and we’ll all pull through now.

So, everything you’re seeing right now is a just temporary setback. Don’t fret over it too much because COVID-19 won’t be with us forever. Heed the CDC Coronavirus Guidelines and stay safe; be around your loved ones because the time for celebration is just around the corner.

Was your wedding set for May or June? Maybe even April 25th? Don’t cancel it. Don’t throw away all the hard work you put into making your wedding a grand and momentous event. Postpone it. We understand this wasn’t on the original agenda but it’s the best course to take right now, so let’s talk about why.

Booked with us? Your dedicated event team at BEG Event Group is here to help in any way we can. Right now, the most important thing is to stay healthy, then know the proper steps to take when moving your wedding to a later date.

This applies more to couples whose wedding is still at least 10 weeks away. Call your florist and stationery designer; tell the former to stop printing anything and inform the latter to hold off on ordering fresh blooms.

Reach out to your reception venue too and ask which future dates are available. A point of note here is, because of the pandemic, most couples are forced to reschedule, which just means dates with venues are becoming increasingly competitive.

Try to look for a date in later summer or perhaps early fall. Hopefully, life will be back to normal or close to being back to normal by then.  Maybe consider a weekday or non-Saturday wedding.

  • Be Flexible. It’ll Make Things Easier for You

If you planned to hold your wedding and reception at different sites, that may not be possible now. Maybe you planned on a Friday or Saturday wedding but your venue only has Sunday or mid-week availability now. Try to be flexible, and create a list of available dates your venue has. We’ll talk about this more below.

  • Tell Your vendors What’s Up

Letting your vendors know about changes in the wedding schedule is important because they won’t always be available. With so many couples postponing their big day, the availability of future dates becomes slimmer as time passes.

Take the list of dates and reach out to all your vendors, keeping in mind that many of them are working around the clock with couples and may not be able to take your call right away. Once you gather your responses, pick the date the most, if not all your vendors are available!

We reiterate that COVID-19 has affected everyone, including your vendors-and we don’t just mean their business. They’re people like you and us; they have families and responsibilities too, so don’t worry even if your vendor doesn’t get back to you the moment you reach out to them. Give them a little time.

We’re all feeling the adverse effects of this pandemic, and the only thing we can do is make the most of what we have. BEG Event Group is willing to help with your future wedding in any way we can.

If you need assistance on how to go about setting up a new date for your wedding and other logistics, we’ll be happy to lend our expertise. BEG Event Group is here to make that special event perfect for you.

Contact us today and we’ll do our best to help you get through this trying period. Here’s a pleasant thought: Picture how great your wedding will be when the time finally comes! From high-energy DJs and interactive Emcees to Lighting Professionals and PhotoBooths, we’ll make sure it’s an event to remember!

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