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BEG Event Group merges creativity and technology to transform weddings, corporate, and social events into extraordinary experiences. Our fusion of DJs, live musicians, cutting-edge lighting, and A/V brings your moments to life with a modern touch.

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DJ's, vibes, and visuals are built with your vision in mind.


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Drew Trofimow

Events Director / Entertainer

Drew is a seasoned Events Director & Entertainer with over 15 years of experience in creating unique, modern events. As a professional DJ, he specializes in high-end weddings, corporate, and social events, crafting a sleek and modern atmosphere that breaks far from the typical event DJ stereotypes. His true passion and professionalism are evident in every event he curates, resulting in unrivaled experiences. Drew is also a proud member of the National Association for Catering and Events (NACE), where he contributes to the mission of creating amazing events through collaboration and innovation.

Click below to listen to Drew’s sample mix.

Craig Hickey


Craig also known as “DJ Cruise” began his DJ career when he was 13 in his hometown just north of Boston. Craig is highly sought after for his club-style mixing, high-energy personality, and event creativity.

Click below to listen to Craig’s sample mix.

Herman Sanchez


Herman Sanchez, better known as “DJ Kyd”, is a dynamic DJ and MC with over 20 years of experience captivating audiences at high-end weddings and corporate events across the United States. As a bilingual entertainer, DJ Kyd effortlessly bridges cultures and brings people together with his vibrant music and engaging personality. Annually, he personally DJs at over 70 events, each time creating an unforgettable experience with his expertly curated mixes and charismatic stage presence. A proud member of the National Association for Catering and Events (NACE), DJ Kyd is dedicated to crafting exceptional events that resonate with guests and exceed expectations.

Click below to listen to Kyd’s sample mix.

Tyler Gardner-Ward

DJ / Logistics Support

Tyler joined BEG in 2019 as a dedicated Logistics Support professional and quickly moved into a DJ in Training role. Besides helping with logistics, Tyler also serves as the in-house electrician, ensuring all technical aspects of events run smoothly. Working closely with experienced DJs, he is actively honing his skills in creating immersive musical experiences throughout New England. Tyler’s transition from logistics to DJ in Training showcases his multifaceted expertise and his commitment to enhancing event atmospheres.

Ashley Boucher

PhotoBooth / Logistics Support

Having joined the team in 2016, Ashley is a skilled Supervisor and Logistics Support team member at BEG. With her comprehensive understanding of event dynamics, Ashley has seamlessly transitioned to also manage the company’s Photo Booth division. Her meticulous attention to detail and proactive approach ensure that every aspect of an event is perfectly orchestrated, from logistics to interactive guest experiences. Ashley’s dedication to excellence and her ability to adapt and innovate have made her an invaluable asset to the BEG team, continually enhancing the quality and engagement of each event.


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