As you spend time at home practicing social distancing, suffice to say you’re thinking about your upcoming wedding, right? You’re musing over all the ways you could have an amazing wedding celebration after this pandemic is over, no?

That’s perfectly understandable, and we at BEG Event Group can’t wait for this virus to be dealt with once and for all. Delivering lively memorable events are things we were built for, so we’re looking forward to your wedding as much as you are! Here are 8 ideas that can transform your wedding from a regular one to a memorable fun party!

  • Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

We’re pretty sure your guests won’t be expecting this, which makes the experience even better! In most weddings, drinks are served around reception time, but why not break this age-old rule?

Surprise and delight your guests even before the ceremony starts. Light drinks like nonalcoholic mimosas or fruit-infused iced teas would do great here. Your caterer or ushers can pick up stray glasses and tidy up before the procession begins.

  • Upgraded Welcome Bags

Go beyond the usual map and a few snacks and deck out your welcome bags as much as your budget allows. You could include a gift certificate to your favorite local coffee shop or even mini bottles of bubbly to welcome your guests.

  • Meaningful Favors

Don’t give your guests favors that can be easily forgotten. Gift them items they’ll cherish for years to come-or at least find a good use for. Some cozy pashminas for a breezy day and cheap sunglasses for a sunny day make excellent gifts. Or, give them something they can find a use for while the wedding is still going on! Flip-flops come to mind here because your guests can kick off their shoes, slip on the flip-flops and go crazy on the dance floor!

  • Hire A Babysitter

Will kids be at your wedding? Hire a babysitter to keep them occupied and away from the adults. Parents will certainly appreciate the effort and your party will be more fun and memorable for it. Kids have this remarkable way of disrupting celebrations when you least expect it, so be wary of that.

  • A Bubbly Bar

Let your guests customize their champagne at a bubbly bar. This is a great and delicious alternative to the regular toast options. And your toasts will be a lot more fun this way.

  • A Hip After-Party

Rather than just hitting the closest bar after your reception venue closes, plan a fun post-wedding bash for you and your guests – the ones who like to party certainly won’t object to this! Try to get a venue with a different vibe from your reception because doing that will revive and keep the party going.

If you’re looking for a company that will skillfully blend modern creativity with professionalism to create a wedding that you and your guests will remember, then BEG Event Group is just the company for you. Music and entertainment are our business, and we’re never satisfied until you are. Reach us on www.begeventgroup.com and contact us today!


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