Your wedding venue should be as beautiful and elegant as possible. That venue encapsulates what your wedding day is all about: the celebration of love between two beautiful people in a beautiful ceremony.

Just as you plan to enjoy quality music and entertainment on your big day, you should also make plans to have the best venue décor available.

Naturally, only the professionals can handle this and make a truly wonderful job of it; professionals like Stapleton Floral Design. They are one of Boston’s finest florists and we’re honored to have them as today’s vendor spotlight. It is with great pleasure we welcome them this week!

  • What do they have to say about their experience as a floral designer?

Almost 3 decades of working with clients has given them the experience to cater to any kind of event.

Stapleton Floral Designs has called Boston home for over 25 years and are famed for their exceptional services. They gather their inventory directly from the growers. They do this because fresh flowers are integral to their business; freshness and diversity.

The knowledge and experience they’ve garnered over the years from working with diverse demography mean they know exactly what all clients want. They create unique and elegant designs to suit each client’s taste and vision.

  • Can they assure their customers of a perpetually fresh supply of flowers?

Of course, they can. Considering the fact that they are conveniently located near the Boston Flower Exchange, it just means they are well and fully capable of quickly delivering their customers’ special orders and meeting their requests.

And since they get their supplies straight from the growers, it means there’s much variety for customers like you. They can offer you numerous types of fresh and exotic flowers. All you have to do is make a request.

  • Who do they offer their floral design services to?

Anyone who wants or needs them. That’s up to the clients to decide, but if they had to be specific, Stapleton Floral Design’s services and flowers find excellent use at weddings, corporate and special events, businesses, and households. They leave their customers’ venues and surroundings cloaked in beauty and bathe in elegance.

Aside from the supply of these flowers, they offer free delivery and rotation services where new flowers and plants are replaced on periodic bases for both households and businesses. Their horticultural crew also offers plant installation and maintenance services without disrupting business or home activities.

For more info about Stapleton Floral check out their work at for all the details!

Visit Their South Boston Shop: Stapleton Floral: 635 E. Broadway, Boston, MA 02127

Moving on from floral design and decor, let’s talk about music and entertainment. An event without either of these two is all but incomplete, and this is especially true for wedding ceremonies.

If you plan to have your wedding in the Greater Boston or New England area, we have excellent news for you. You’re only a few miles-or maybe even a few blocks away from one of the best music and entertainment companies Boston has ever birthed (Spoiler Alert: It’s us!)

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