A stationery suite is a big part of weddings again! Oh sure, custom wedding invitations have always been there, but we’re now seeing a resurgence in their demand.

Couples now want their invitation cards, signage, place cards, etc. to be as unique as possible, and we understand why; some of them are the first thing friends and family see about your wedding, and others are things your guests will take home. If done right, they leave a truly lasting impression on all those in attendance. You would want that, wouldn’t you?

For wedding ceremonies, the invitation cards, menus, welcome bag insights, and table numbers all speak volumes about your wedding. It tells your guests what the underlying theme of the wedding is; it even tells them about you because you’re expressing yourself through such things. Thus, a beautiful stationery suite is really important and can add flair and color to your wedding.

This week’s vendor spotlight is an artist that excels at what she does.  She is a professional and knows how to capture each couple’s unique taste and flavor in her designs. Her name is Lynn Graham, the founder of Lynn Graham Designs, based in Boston, Massachusetts. If you have a keen eye for truly unique and beautiful art, believe us when we say you’re going to want to hear this.

  • What’s thier inspiration for their wonderful designs?

Lynn Graham believes that every wedding is different. The feelings, the experience, the couple’s personality, and vision all differ from couple to couple. She gets her inspiration from the desire to meet the unique needs of her clients. Her designs are created with every detail in mind, which makes each of her works unique and special.

  • Do they have a specific set of clients they tend to?

Not really. Although new couples are her primary clients, she also offers her services to other clients for different special events like private parties, corporate events, non-profit events, etc.

Her wedding services include save-the-dates, wedding invitations, celebration-of-life invitations, place cards, menus, wedding programs, welcome bag inserts, signage, and many more.

Lynn also offers graphic design services like Snapchat filters, custom postage design, monogram designs, and social media images.

  • How do they ensure their designs meet their clients’ expectations and are delivered on time?

Lynn lets the clients know how long the designs will take to be completed before taking on orders. Since the designs made by Lynn are all customized, it’s very important the clients make their orders months before the proposed date.

Sometimes, custom designs could take as long as 3 to 5 months to be ready, depending on the printing method, the number of prints, embellishments, thermography, and engraving, among other factors.

This simply means that for the work to be perfect, order early.

  • Do they make time for a consultation with their prospective clients?

The consultation is a very important aspect of this line of work because it helps Lynn get to know her clients better. Scheduling a meeting for consultation via email is pretty easy, so that’s her preferred method.

For cases where the clients live far away from Boston, consultations could also be carried out via Skype, Facetime, and Google Hangouts.

For more info about Lynn Graham Designs check out their amazing website at for all the details!

By appointment only: Lynn Graham Designs: 162 Newbury Street, 4th Fl Boston, MA 02116 617-460-2532


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