Our Round-Up of Easy Modern Wedding Decor Inspiration

May 19, 2020 | 8 Comments

Yes, we know that there’s lots of couples out there who want to focus on the timeless traditional elements that weddings possess. But, we know that there’s also plenty of young couples who focus on the fun, joy, celebration, and memorability that these fantastic days are all about. We’re a professional wedding entertainment company based in Boston and for us, ultimately, in our mind, a wedding represents the couple themselves. 

So, if you’re a bit of a techy at heart, or if minimalist modern design is your idea of perfection, don’t be afraid to make your ceremony a more modern one. Some of our favorite ceremonies that we’ve attended have featured stand-out modern decor and features, that have made them extra fun and really memorable. So we’re dedicating this blog to a bit of inspiration on how modern wedding decor can play a role in your upcoming nuptials. 

Be brave with black and white 

If you’re at the start of planning your wedding decor, if you’d like to stick to a chic modern theme, we’d recommend keeping in your mind the fact that color isn’t necessarily needed. It’s completely understandable if you feel a bit nervous about keeping everything pared back and monochrome colors but have confidence with it. It’s a modern decor palette that’s bang on trend absolutely timeless and its beauty lies in the fact that it’s quite effortless to pull off perfectly if you’re not necessarily an expert in decor. 

Create effective contrast 

Establishing elements of contrast within your decor is a really effective, subtle way to add a new dimension to your visuals. This can include anything from utilizing the dichotomy of the natural and minimalist aesthetics to establish a contrast within your decor by combining sleek simple furnishings with beautiful ornate flower displays. Another example of effective contrast would be creating a balance between soft touches and rigid lines in your decor with elegant draping fabrics combined with clear-cut, harder surfaces like marble or granite to the effect that each element highlights the beauty of the other. 

Keep it neat

Finally, it’s a simple but important point. Keep your decor neat and pristine. If you’re using fabrics, keep them crisply ironed too. With modern wedding decor, this is absolutely key, and it’s a simple but effective tip. 

Whatever special features and unique additions you’d like your wedding ceremony to incorporate, our fantastic team at the BEG Event Group is on hand to provide you with everything you could possibly wish from your event’s entertainment. Just have a browse through our website to check out all of the amazing ways in which we can help make your wedding extra custom and a really unforgettable day.

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