4 Essential Things to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

Any married woman will tell you there are few moments in her life she received so much attention as when she was a bride. Brides are often drowned with info on how to carry themselves throughout the wedding period.

You’re being told what to order, confirm, purchase, etc. The irony is, nobody talks much about the little things that also need preparation, despite the fact they are also quite important to know, things like what to do on the night of your wedding.

BEG Event Group doesn’t want this for you. We don’t want you awake the night prior to your wedding, chewing your lips in worry and pondering on what to do and what not to do. So, we’ll help you out a bit. The list below highlights 4 crucial things to do the night before your wedding.

  • Create A Checklist for Everything

The night before your wedding is an excellent time to think of what needs to be done on the big day. Put everything down on paper-or a tab-so you don’t forget. This way, nothing gets left behind because, on the morning of your wedding day, you’ll be too preoccupied with other, more important matters.

  • Put Together an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit could save you a lot of trouble on your wedding day. If there is an unexpected rip, tear, or stain in your dress, that kit is pretty much a lifesaver. It could even come in handy if you end up with a broken heel.

If you haven’t put together your emergency kit yet, do it the night before your wedding. It should contain things like super glue, a sewing kit, makeup, extra press on nails, pain relievers, band-aid, protein bars, nail polish, safety pins, etc.

  • Put All Your Wears in One Place

All the accessories and the clothes that you’re going to use should be ready and in one place. The simple reason is so you don’t leave anything important behind. Pay attention to things like your wedding dress, underwear, shoes, veil, wedding day jewelry, and anything else you have planned for the big day.  Make sure you don’t forget anything as you pack your things before heading to the venue.

  • Pack Some Lunch

Couples can scarcely find the time to rest and have a snack on their wedding day. Some just forget, and others are too busy to do so. Pack a quick lunch of sandwiches, fruits, veggies, or other snacks to help with your nutrition needs on that day. You’ll need it to keep up the energy for all you have to do. We can’t have you passing out on us due to hunger, can we?

Now after all this, what comes next? Music and entertainment! BEG Event Group will happily cater to your entertainment needs: DJ, Lighting, live entertainment, and more!. Want to know more? Give us a call today and let’s talk!


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